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Pandan Jelly Powder
  • Self-life: 12 Months under room temperature.
  • Package: 1kg(2.2 lb)/bag,20 bags (44 lb)/carton
- Detail -
Dama Exclusive!!The king of spices in Southeast Asia- Pandan leaves, has a light green color of the fresh appearance and special tea flavor, the aftertaste is the special pasture aroma, keeps the Pandan flavor in the taste buds. The idea is inspired by the Vietnamese traditional dessert "Pandan Chiffon Cake". The Pandan leaves is an indispensable spice in Vietnam, it is widely used in desserts or dishes. After carefully research and testing, Dama innovatively uses the special processing technology and add the Pandan leaves in the drink, The chewy taste and special flavor let the drink more attraction.

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