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2022 Spring New Product

~2022 Spring New Product~
This spring, Dama Foods grandly launches a series of novel products to create a sweet and romantic little universe.
Lemon Butter Cookie Flavoring PowderDama lets the lemon better cookies become the drinks, let you taste delicious with the drink. Its fresh light yellow color with lemon fragrance and creamy sweet feeling brings you warm and sweet spring.
Cherry Blossoms Coconut JellyRomantic light pink. It is like falling cherry blossom petals and let you like walking among the cherry trees. Giving you a romantic feeling of spring.
Popping Ball Series-MojitoChocolateDragon Fruit More diversified choices, let you can unrestrictedly match up with richer and innovative drinks.
Selected Tea series-Handmade Honey Black TeaOrange Fruit TeaSpring Tea (Pou Chong Tea)In addition to pure tea drinking, they are also suitable to make fruit tea. The fresh tea with Dama's fruit syrup and new spring products will enrich your spring season and create a new taste.
Contact Dama Foods to take samples and launch your lively and colorful spring drinks!


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