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DAMA Foods believes in serving our customers with
“ Quality、Integrity、Service ”

DAMA Foods owns professional syrup manufacturer、powder manufacturer、tea manufacturer and international trade term and provides a wide selection of products and services. In addition to the existing products on the market, we strongly suggest the 50%+ Fruit Plus to our customers. DAMA Food strongly promotes the qualities of fruits cultivated from the tropical island of Taiwan. Our product mix contains more than 25~50% of real fruit pulp and juice from local orchards and farms. Furthermore, we have our own tea garden and professional tea factory and can provide the best Taiwan tea for you.  

DAMA Food is different from other suppliers because of its diverse products and services. Regardless of the target markets, we will provide our customers the best suitable products. We believe this can only be accomplished by DAMA food in the beverage industry. DAMA food highly recommends the quality real-fruit based beverage mix from the tropical island of Taiwan. We are confident that supplying our products for our customers’ business will not only increase the business sales but also netting a higher profit. After all, this is our ultimate goal at DAMA Food.
 DAMA Foods believes in serving our customers with“Quality、Integrity、 Service”


DAMA Foods is a specialized manufacturer and global supplier for specialty beverages. We owns professional syrup manufacturer、powder manufacturer、and tea manufacturer.We have devoted our focus for more than 20 years to bubble tea and specialty tea shops all over the world and have earned an abundance of experience in the industry. We export internationally our top quality beverage ingredients from Taiwan to more than 20 countries in the world. We religiously value our vision of “Quality, Integrity, Service”. Only top quality beverage ingredients, provide concentrated fruit juice, fruit puree, tea leaves, package and any material which the drinking required.  Furthermore, we also offer business plan solutions for opening a bubble tea store; menu programs, brand management, etc. DAMA Foods has the professional consulting services, the best manufacturing technology and the most specialized customized product service and is your trust cooperation partner.  
We mainly focus on the markets of bubble tea, coffee, fusion in USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, China ...etc. We sincerely invite you to enjoy our convenient one stop shop for all your needs, top-quality products and excellent services.

Innovation & Research Center:
7F.-2, No.281, Sec. 2, Fuqian Rd., West Central Dist., 
Tainan City 700, 
Taiwan (R.O.C.)