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Top Grade Scented Tea Series
*Dama Foods Top Grade Scented Tea Series
~Lavender Black Tea & Lavender Oolong Tea & Earl Grey Black Tea~
Lavender Black Tea- The glamorous purple color and elegant aroma of lavender can soothe the mood. With high-quality Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka, interweaving a fresh and charming tea aroma. The purest lavender black tea presents the best flavor, that will accompany you through every moment. Enjoying in the sea of ​​lavender flowers.
Lavender Oolong Tea- The fresh and sweet taste of oolong tea match with elegant fragrance of lavender. When you drink the scent of lavender comes into your nostrils and the aroma of lavender flowers can let you feel comfortable. The beautiful color of oolong is showing in tea with the blooming scent of lavender. The perfect combination of oriental oolong and western scented tea can bring you an excellent tea feast.
*Blue Earl Grey Black Tea- The blue earl grey black tea using the bergamot to smoke our best black tea into earl grey black tea then adding the indigo cornflower, is a classic French nobility flavor. The elegant aroma of cornflower, the gentle aroma of bergamot and fresh fragrance of black tea give you multi-layered aroma feeling. The mild taste with floral aroma riches your morning every day.
The above tea is suitable for pure drinking and can also be made into milk tea by adding milk or non-dairy creamer, that all are excellent combinations.
Contact Dama Foods for sample soon, and bathes in the fragrance of flowers together.


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