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Vegetable&Fruit syrup
Dear Manager
Health & Non-burden ~ Vegetable & Fruit Flavoring Syrup Series~ Coming!!
In the coming summer, Dama Foods R&D researches a series of low-calorie fruit and vegetable juice, through the special processing technology, it keeps the original nutrients and flavor of vegetable and fruit juice.
Carrot & Fruit Flavoring Syrup-It is rich in vitamin, the unique fruit sweetness makes smoothie, adds Dama lychee coconut jelly to increase taste and raise the whole flavor of the drink.
Cucumber Flavoring Syrup-The refreshing cucumber juice combines with soda water, adds exclusive green apple coconut jelly, upgrades the whole drink flavor.
Asparagus Flavoring Syrup-Asparagus contains rich cellulose and vitamins, cool and refreshing, producing body fluids to quench thirst. It combines with MOJITO syrup to make smoothies, lets the flavor more rich.
Contact with us to take the sample sooner.
Launch the Health & Non-burden vegetable & fruits series drinks in this summer!!

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