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Take you around the world with a cup of milk tea
Exotic milk tea selection

1.Earl Grey Milk Tea Powder
The special flavor of Earl Grey black tea combines with milk flavor,
presents the classic of rich tea flavor and fresh milk aroma. 

Tiramisu Milk Tea Powder
The Italy classic combines with Taiwan bubble tea.
Rich Chocolate and light coffee flavor blends with milk tea.

Japanese Okinawa & Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder 
Add the Okinawa flavor into milk tea, special brown sugar flavor, unique taste.

4.Hong Kong Yuenyeung  Milk Tea Powder
The combination of tea and coffee, the fusion of Chinese and Western culture.
Taste two flavor at the same time, milk tea brings out the coffee mellowness.

Thai Milk Tea Powder
The milk tea is brightly orange-red color, blends with Thai-style tea powder
and brings out the real Thai milk tea flavor and taste.

Japanese Hokkaido Milk Tea
The distinctive perfect is mainly milk flavor, with light milk sugar aroma and tea flavor.

Indian Teh Tarik Milk Tea Powder
India is well-known of spics, blends a variety of aromas, and creates a perfect match with milk tea.

8.Hong Kong Silk-sticking Milk Tea Powder
The Ceylon black tea brews the similar color with skin stocking color, special milk flavor and smooth taste. 

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