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Dama Foods New Autumn and Winter Selected Tea Series

~Dama Foods New Autumn and Winter Selected Tea Series~

Tea is elegant culture, a good cup of tea can make people intoxicated and immersed in it.
The aftertaste lingers and is recalled again and again.
Dama Food selects four kinds of teas with special fragrances and themes,
which are suitable for autumn and winter, including ITQI award-winning teas.
These four kinds of teas are suitable for drinking alone, and can be also combined with dairy products,
making the milk tea, the layers are richer.
iTQi - Gardenia Four Season Tea- Extraordinary hand-picked pou chong tea,
with the elegant aroma of Gardenia and is stable and pleasant.
Orchid Green Tea- Green tea exudes the aroma of large orchids that only bloom for 10 days a year.
The subtle floral aroma brings a particularly rich aromatic experience.
Glutinous Rice Green Tea- Green tea gently exudes the pure flavor of tea leaves,
surrounded by the flavor of cloud with the aroma of glutinous rice  
Bamboo Green Tea- A gift from nature, the strong vitality of bamboo aroma is mellow and pure.
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