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2023 New & Exclusive Product ~ Calamansi Flavoring Syrup~

2023 New & Exclusive Product ~ Calamansi Flavoring Syrup~

Dama Foods new summer syrup product -Calamansi Flavoring syrup
Calamansi belongs to citrus fruit, native to Southeast Asia.
When the fruit is squeezed into juice, it has the fragrance of orange,
the mild sourness of yellow lemon, and the faint bitterness of kumquat peel.

The combination and special flavor is like tasting the natural feelings from the four seasons.
The pure calamansi fruit flavor, it can experience the vitality of the fruit leaving the soil,
and the sweet and sour bloom on the tip of the tongue.

Dama Foods specially selects the only calamansi grown in Nantou, Taiwan,
and squeezes the calamansi into juice to make a delicious syrup.
It is suitable for flavored fruit tea, smoothies, soda... etc.
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