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2021 New Strawberry Series
~~2021 New Strawberry Series is here~~
The super popular & fantasy pink strawberry drink, it always is the hot drink in menu.
The slightly sweet and sour flavor, the elegant and sweet strawberry aroma with the pink color, let the cold winter filled with a romantic atmosphere.
Dama Foods is constantly improving and innovating to design a variety of different combinations with strawberry product. Let you have more topical and diversified combinations.
Classic strawberry Syrup Use the special processing technology to lock the whole strawberry juice. The syrup has the high content of the original juice and fresh fruit pulp, rich aroma, diversified collocation. It also can used in the sticking cup method, let the drink more layers
Fantasy Strawberry Milk Foam Powder The dense milk foam is with a romantic strawberry color, the slightly sour and sweet fruit flavor. It is suitable with dairy drink and matcha drink. It not only brings visual beauty appearance in visual, but also permeates comfort atmosphere.
Heavy Strawberry Milk Tea Powder ALL IN ONE , the intimate design, let you quickly make a cup of strawberry milk tea without extra blending. it is suitable with milk foam and tea jelly product. It is recommended the Earl Grey tea jelly, the special bergamot aroma enhances the overall drinks more layers and flavor.
Contact with us to take the sample sooner. Let Dama design a new series of special and topical strawberry series drink for you.

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