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Special Plant Series-Basil Syrup
"High Giber & Vegan Allowed"
2021 Special Herbal Series~ Basil Flavoring Syrup~ Healthy coming.
Basil is the important ingredient in Italian and South Asian cuisine, often is used as a seasoning for cooking. Basil is with a light fennel aroma, is an indispensable ingredient to improve taste in many cuisines. It is rich in fiber and nutrition, light and non-burden.
Dama Foods exclusively innovation, combines the king of spices- Basil with the drink, use special processing technology, through complicated procedures, repeatedly cooks the basil and add the sugar to honey, 100% restore the original flavor of basil.
It is the best combination of soda water, suitable with sweet and sour berries and lemon, add the special fennel aroma of basil. While drinking, the special flavor sublimates the overall flavor, the flavor is rich and refreshing, let you like in the summer beach. The refreshing and non-burden, special soda water, brings you a new experience.
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Innovated & Special Herbal series- Basil Flavoring Syrup. 
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