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New Cherry Blossoms Drink Series
~ 2021 Spring limited products~
The new spring cherry blossom series drinks
~ "Cherry Blossoms Syrup" & "Cherry Blossoms Konjac Balls”~ pink coming.
Cherry blossoms is the national flower of Japan. As the cold winter is almost end, the pace of spring is often accompanied by cherry blossoms quietly. Therefore, cherry blossoms is the index of the spring, and a must drink in spring.
Dama research and development team has made a new innovation to give cherry blossom syrup a new flavor. The special light floral aroma adds a little sweet and sour fruity aroma, add the pink knojac, it looks like the petals flying and has a cherry blossoms image. It is the best combination of pink cherry blossoms knojac ball, suitable for soda water and smoothies drink. With matcha and green tea, it has a special flavor.
Dama exclusively recommend to combine with Mojito syrup, it has a rich taste, the floral flavor let mojito alcohol flavor more layers, alcohol-free design, refreshing and no burden.
It is definitely the must-drink drink in the spring cherry series.
The best and innovative spring cherry blossom drink series.
Let Dama design a series of romantic cherry blossoms drink menu for you.

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