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Valentine's Day Drink News Part 2
"2021 Valentine's Day Limited Drink~ Second wave "
A continuous series of dreamy drinks, Dama's innovative collocation, Let you spend the most romantic holiday of the year!!
Rose Stuffed - Dama innovatively uses fresh flower to honey, using special processing technology, the petals are added to honey water and continuously boiled, let the floral aroma is perfect distributed. Make the smoothies and dairy drink, the unique rose flavor is diffused. You are immersed in happy atmosphere.
Rose Scent Milk Foam Powder- Dense milk foam with lightly salty milk flavor, light pink color and rose aroma, it is suitable with dairy drink and matcha, the perfect blending the overall taste. It is the best match.
Mixed Berry Jelly- The rich berry flavor, the taste is crisp, the bring red like the crystal, exuding a luxury and charming atmosphere. it is suitable with soda water and fruit tea, the drinks are more layered. It is a solid product that must be matched for Valentine's Day.
~The variety of romantic products with diverse collocation~
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Let Dama provide the year's most creative and special Valentine's Day drink!


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