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Non-Alcoholic Series-
Popular non-alcoholic series~ Red Wine Syrup and Red Wine Milk Foam Powder.
Luxurious & Classic series warm your heart. 
Red wine is a classic European drink. Red wine is a classic European drink. It is brewed from fresh grape fruit or grape juice after a long period of fermentation. The flavor is soft and delicate. The aftertaste is the sour flavor of fruit, with a little bitterness and sweet taste. The winter exudes happiness.
Mulled Wine- Dama Foods combines the red wine with the drink, creates different drink recipe. The intimate design of non-alcohol is without burden. The red wine drinks are simply heated and added with spices and sugar, the taste is rich and sweet. It is the classic European Christmas Drink-mulled wine.
Red Wine Cover Green Tea with Jasmine Tea Jelly- The red wine milk foam combines with Taiwanese tea and jasmine tea jelly, sublimating the overall tea flavor and red wine flavor to become a perfect combination of unique flavor. It is the best combination of Chinese and Western.
Red Wine Soda with Mix Berry Jelly- The soda water adds the red wine syrup and rich berry flavor of berry jelly, the beautiful drink presentation not only brings visual enjoyment, but also has a rich taste and a fresh aftertaste.
Red Wine Cover Cocoa Boba-Red Wine milk foam x Coco smoothie x Taiwan special boba, becomes a super popular drink loved by adults and children!!
The 2021 best drink is in Dam!! Contact with us to take the sample sooner.
Let us design a series of top wine drink menus for you!!

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