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Taiwan Selected Oolong Tea Series
~2020 Taiwan Selected Oolong Tea series comes on in Autumn and Winter~
Taiwan is a treasured land for growing oolong tea. It has a long history of evolution. Whether it is tea type, growing technology, and unique roasting technology, Taiwan has our special skill. Taiwan islands is narrow, the wide range of altitudes and different topography, it causes unique climate in different place to cultivate different types of oolong tea.
Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea It abounds in Nantou, the tea soup is golden amber color, clear and bright, light tea, fruit and flower flavor, and the taste is smooth, sweet and after-taste is endless. It is suitable for fruit tea.
 *Taiwan Tieguanyin Oolong Tea* It abounds in Taipei's Muzha and Pinglin. The baking process is repeated baking and rolling. Tea emits the special tea flavor through baking in suitable temperature. Tea soup is bring amber color, mellow and sweet, with special light fruit acid flavor. It is very suitable with milk tea.
Taiwan Four season Green Tea It abounds in Nantou and Chiayi and harvests in all four seasons. It is rolled by hand made. The flavor is refresh, tea soup is sweet and delicious , the taste is sweet endless like nectar. You could taste the different flavor of each season. When you drink in single tea, you can taste the unique sweetness of after-taste.
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