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2020 The Most Popular and Special Flavor Milk Foams are at Dama.
~Special Flavor Milk Foam Series~
2020 The Most Popular and Special Flavor Milk Foams are at Dama.
In order to welcome the arrive of Autumn, Dama Foods launches a variety of flavor milk foam and combines with this year most popular elements.
Red Wine Milk Foam Powder: Luxurious and elegant, the aftertaste of red wine keeps in the mouth for a long time.
Parmesan Cheese Milk Foam Powder: the rich cheese aroma, combine with coffee and dairy products, the salty aroma lets the drink more layered.
Oat Milk Foam Powder: Rich in dietary fiber and nutrients, the dense milk foam with rich oat milk flavor, it is suitable with cocoa and other dairy products. It has the special flavor ,different with other normal milk foam.
Tiramisu Milk Foam Powder: The little bitter and sweet chocolate aroma, it is the popular product in autumn and winter and suitable with coffee, smoothies and sticking cup drink.
Do you still worry about your autumn and winter drink menu?!
Please contact us and ask us for sample at once.
Let us design a series of the most unique autumn and winter special milk foam series for you.

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