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A cup of soda drink take you around the world
~~The Summer Classic Soda Drink Series are Cool Coming~~~
Dama Foods continues to innovate and design new drinks, a new series of "Exotic Special SODA Drinks", this time we’ll use soda drinks to take you around the world.
※ Japan Traditional Tea - "Japanese Matcha", the fresh matcha flavor, matches with soda, take off the bitterness of aftertaste, enhancing the entire flavor.
※ Italy Sicilian Coffee- the combination of fresh lemon aroma and rich coffee flavor, extends acidity and refreshing, and the dense bubbles on the upper layer brings a smooth taste.
※ Brazil’s Famous Blackcurrant- It is rich in nutrients, special berry aroma, sweet and sour taste refreshing, with refreshing MOJITO, it is the best cooling drink in the summer.
※ French Representative Red Wine- supple and delicate red wine, non-alcoholic, combines with soda to enhance the aftertaste of wine flavor and grape sweet flavor, let you have a different  
taste and flavor.

※Taiwan Traditional Taste Wintermelon- It keeps the intact wintermelon flavor, matches with MOJITO syrup, the combination of Chinese and Western, with the wintermelon flavor, it is theTaiwan summer special drinks.

Do you still worry about this summer new drink menu?
Please contact with us and take the sample at once. Let us design your own series of special exotic soda drinks.

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