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American Classic-New York Cheesecake Smoothie Powder
New & Popular dessert new product ~ New York Cheese Cake Smoothie Powder~ Exclusive ~
Cheese Cake originated in ancient Greece. At the time, in order to enhance the physical strength of the Olympic contestants, and develop this dessert. The upper layer has a the rich and silky texture of creamy cheese, mixed with sugar, eggs, cream, lemon juice and other ingredients, brings out the rich flavor of creamy cheese. 
Dama Foods innovates the design to enhances the aroma of the cheese, transforms it into a classic American dessert "New York Heavy Cheese Cheesecake" and innovatively combines with drinks. The cheese flavor is more rich and slightly sweet and sour, adds the roasted aroma of crushed biscuits, it tastes delicious and full of taste, unlike ordinary summer smoothies. Combined with Coffee, Creme Brulee and Milk Series of Smoothies, it can enhance the flavor and level of the drink, delicious and beautiful.
You must not miss the most popular “New York cheesecake smoothie powder” this year!!
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