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Summer Colorful Fruit Sauce with Pulp Series
Summer New & Popular Product~ Fruit Sauce With Pulp Series~
The summer new product~ Fruit Sauce With Pulp Series~ is made of the fresh fruit, 100% restore the original flavor and has the real fruit pulp, let the drink have the rich and layered taste.
It is various collocation and suitable for dessert、soda water and smoothies. Dama continuously innovatively launches the special and popular fruit sauce with pulp.

  • Green Apple Fruit Sauce with pulp- The taste of unripe mango pulp is crisp, slightly sour and sweet flavor, like the first love feeling, let people love.
  • Passion Fruit Sauce With pulp-The summer popular & must product, with the passion fruit special flavor, refresh and sweet, is the must-order drink.
  • Grapefruit Sauce with pulp: The summer popular product, sweet fruit and refresh flavor, rich in nutritive value.
Do you still worry about the summer drink? Contact with us and take the sample at once. Make your own fruit sauce series drink.


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